Gin Neo Bistro & Wines, Amsterdam

15 May 2016 / Amsterdam / 0 comment

Gin Neo Bistro & WinesGin Neo Bistro & Wines

Funky, original, innovative and absolutely delicious! That is how I would describe my dinner at new restaurant Gin Neo Bistro & Wines in Amsterdam. This place serves some extremely high quality dishes in a laid-back, urban atmosphere. The drawings of portraits on the wall are of people who inspire owner Jin, like Tupac Shakur, Muhammad Ali & Richard Branson. You will find no fancy napery in this restaurant, but cosy, wooden tables, that will make you linger for a long time…

The menu changes monthly and is based on locally grown, seasonal products. Every product is used to its fullest; all the leftover ingredients are used in other dishes. The 9 (!) courses, including amuses, all look like pieces of art and are packed with the most unique combinations of flavours! How about dragon parfait with white chocolate & frozen beef marrow? Wow!

All the courses are served on special, matching plates. The love is in the details.
The matching wines are excellent and our sommelier Merlijn knows what he is talking about. He gives us all the information we need and explains why the wine matches the upcoming new course. Gin Neo Bistro & Wines also serves a long list of, what a surprise, amazing G&T’s! Yummm!

Gin Neo Bistro & WinesGin Neo Bistro & WinesGin Neo Bistro & WinesGin Neo Bistro & Wines‘Eggs Benedict’ for dessert: 72 degree sugar egg, vanilla brioche & bacon.

The organic tea by Crusio is quite the experience, prepared the traditional way… Try it yourself and be surprised!

Gin Neo Bistro & Wines

Gin Neo Bistro & Wines will soon move to a new location in Amsterdam, where there is more space for art, creativity & even more fine cuisine with an urban touch! This place will be veeeerrry busy…. Mark my words.

♥ Gin Neo Bistro & Wines, Westerstraat 264, Amsterdam (keep an eye on the website for the new adress).

Open every day from 17:00.
Every last sunday of the month Gin Neo Bistro & Wines serves a (boozy) brunch from 13:00!

Lieke Pijnappels


Pre dessert


Jin & Illain

Eggs benedict